“Repeal and Replace”


2017, along with a new president, is bring the expected changes in government policy.  Among those changes is the plan to “Repeal and Replace” the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare).

It is my goal, in this section of my blog, to demystify this process, while maintaing a non-partisan perspective.  Since almost all the information I read has some partisan slant, I am finding this to be a very lofty goal.  Never-the-less, I will do the best I can.

This process of“Repeal and Replace” is just beginning.  Yes, the Republicans have presented legislation, but no one expects this to be the final version.  Everyone needs to stop freaking out and take the time to read the current legislation, do their homework and educate themselves, and reach out to your government representatives with your opinions and suggestions.

To read the legislation as it has been put forth, visit read the bill and download the PDF version.


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