WIdows Marching Forward

As a woman “of a certain age”, my life journey has likely not been much different from yours.  Our circumstances and events may be different.  Our career choices might be different.  How we have processed and manifested the challenges we’ve faced in our lives may be different.

Yes we are all different, but if you have lost a partner through death or divorce, we have more in common than not.

At this stage in our lives, the loss  of a partner is guaranteed to turn our world upside down.  We not only have the emotional aspects of traditional grief to manage, but we learn that we must deal with a myriad of other losses: the loss of our identity, the loss of friendships, and really, the loss of most of the life we previously knew.

We face an uncertain future, burdensome financial questions, and different and new responsibilities.

In essence, we face building a brand new life.  Regardless of the friends and family that remain in our support network, the future is ours alone to create and live.  Don’t we want to live it well?

I’ve been using “we” a lot thus far.  Really, the key word here is *I*.  Many of us have either never had the opportunity to build a life that is based on what resonates with *us* alone.  If we have, it was such a long time ago that we’ve forgotten what “I” feels like.

What makes me happy?

What dreams have I put on hold, perhaps years ago?

What makes me feel full; emotionally, spiritually?

There are many new questions we need to ask ourselves.  We MUST ask these questions if we are going to make this stage of our lives rich and full.

We want that for ourselves, don’t we? Even if today, we can’t imagine ever getting to that place.

The fact is that you CAN move from grief to a satisfying life.  Even a fabulous life!

It does entail some self-discovery, some work, but it also includes adventure and joy.

I know it’s possible.  I have already walked a few miles of this journey.  I have started to find passion, purpose and joy in my life.

This is what I want to share with you here.  I want to share what I have learned, those things that bring me joy, as well as the challenges that have made me stumble and get back up.  Stumbling is s all a part of the process.  The most important thing is the getting back up.

I hope you will find something of value here.

Do you have fears, questions, concerns, or opinions?

Let’s grab a virtual cup of coffee, tea, or a big glass of wine and talk about them, shall we?

Again, you are welcome here!

Be well,